Dear residents: 

We are at a critical point in our efforts to flatten the curve on COVID-19. We are all working hard to do this in our communities. We have to take care of one another, now more than ever. 

The Easter long weekend is upon us. We know that this normally means getting together with family and loved ones to celebrate, and to eat together. But this year is different. It has to be. What we do this weekend will impact what happens as we move forward. 

You need to stay home this weekend. You should not be gathering; you should not be socializing with others; you should not be having Easter dinners with people outside of your immediate household.

We encourage you to connect with others, but at a distance. Be sure to call your family and friends. If you need any mental health supports to get you through, please refer to the province’s resource list here: https://www.gov.nl.ca/covid-19/resources-2/

I know that this is hard. But we all need to stay home and stay safe, for everyone.  

Barb Genge, Mayor

Town of Main Brook Receives $25,000 grant from Veterans Affairs

newfoundland regiment bronze caribou war memorial in Main Brook

“After the war, the people and Government of Newfoundland proceeded to build memorials in France and Belgium where the Regiment fought significant engagements, some of which were successful and some which were not, but all exemplified the spirit and determination of its soldiers, many of which did not come home.

Of those that did return home, many undoubtedly continued to suffer the after-effects of separation from family and friends, terrible living and health conditions, injuries, combat stress, separation and loss of support from their military “family”, and other terrible memories. But that is a story for another time.

Five monuments were constructed. The Government of Newfoundland acquired the land on which to build the memorials from grateful France and Belgium. It was decided that the memorials should be in the form of the caribou, an animal indigenous and familiar to all in Newfoundland and Labrador, and which was the emblem used in the badge of the Regiment.

The five caribou were placed at the following locations:
Beaumont-Hamel, Gueudecourt, Monchy-le-Preux, Masnieres, Courtrai (Kortrik).

Newfoundland was the only British colony to place so many memorials to its fallen soldiers. Newfoundland was the only colony to purchase and preserve one of its battle sites in its original condition – Beaumont-Hamel. All the other Allied battle sites were subsequently reconditioned or reconstructed.

Later, a sixth Caribou was placed in Bowring Park , St. John’s.  In 2009 the plaques listing the names of Newfoundlanders who died without a known grave were reproduced from the originals at Beaumont-Hamel and placed near the Bowring Park Caribou Memorial. An additional Caribou has been placed in Remembrance Square, Corner Brook.”
(Excerpt taken from http://www.rnfldr.ca/history.aspx?item=178)

The Town of Main Brook is pleased to announce that the third Caribou for Newfoundland and Labrador will be placed in the Town of Main Brook following the Natural Trail of the Caribou from St. John’s to Corner Brook, and last but not least, on the Great Northern Peninsula, in our community.

newfoundland regiment bronze caribou war memorial in Main Brook

We are the recipients of $25,000.00 from Veterans Affairs Canada and this funding will be in support of our War Memorial and Caribou Monument. While this amount will not cover the total cost for our project, it puts us one step closer towards completion.

Our War Memorial will commemorate the military service and sacrifice of our residents of the past, present, and the future. Our primary outcome is to develop and construct a war memorial that displays the regional military theme of the Caribou and forget-me-nots.

We aim to increase awareness and educate visitors and youth of the military contributions of our residents and their historical ties to the war right here in Main Brook. We look forward to becoming part of the growing sector of tourism pertaining to war and military history.

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