Improper Disposal Costs Taxpayers Money in Sewer Repairs

The Town wishes to remind residents of the importance of proper disposal of garbage from residents and businesses. Flushing household waste and garbage down their toilets or dropping it in manholes creates sewer problems that cost us all a lot of money. We now have just one sewer pump working here in our Town with no backup, risking a literal s4!tstorm in the middle of a pandemic.

We will have parts arrive on Friday by PAL and we are keeping our fingers crossed so that nothing happens between now until Friday. The old pump has been sent to be repaired. We had to get the sewer pumping truck in due to so much water from the high tides/run off/rain. We removed large towels, industrial belts and other unusual waste from our pump when it was cleaned out. Before you throw things in the system think about the end result. There is a pandemic and many business are closed so we could have a huge problem creating a lot of hardship for our citizens if this type of action continues.

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