Spring clean bulk pickup June 11- 23, 2018

Notice from NorPen:

Please Follow These Guidelines

What’s Accepted:

Box Springs and Mattresses, Sofas, Tables, Chairs, Furniture
Dressers, Bathroom Fixtures, Children's Toys, Desks and Bookshelves,  Fridges, Stoves, Washers, Dryers and Additional Household Appliances, Doors, Window Boxes – glass must be removed, Carpet tied in rolls (less than 6 ft, less than 50 pounds), Tree limbs tied in bundles (less than 6 ft, less than 50 pounds), Glass (must be securely packaged and marked as “BROKEN GLASS”), and other bulk items normally associated with a household. All bulk items must be properly bundled. All loose items must be boxed.

What’s Not Accepted:

Brick, Concrete, Electronics, Vehicle parts Earthen materials
including stumps and large trees Roof shingles and construction materials, Tires, Liquids, Regular household garbage, White goods, Hazardous waste like paint,
chemicals, etc.

Things to Remember:

On the day of your pickup, place your items at the curb or side
of the road the day of your scheduled pick-up. Items are not to be placed to the curb after the second day of scheduled collection. Please note: Tree limbs, carpet, wood and
similar objects should be cut into pieces a maximum of 6 feet long, and up to 22.5 kilograms (50 pounds). Glass must be removed from windows, doors, etc, taped or broken and put in a box clearly labeled “sharp objects” All loose items must be boxed. No scattered items please. BROKEN GLASS and SHARPS can injure our collectors and must be placed in puncture-proof packaging . SYRINGES must be in puncture-proof packaging to go out with regular waste. Please do not leave items that are not intended for waste collection near
the waste bin or collection area as they may be collected as weekly or bulk waste.