Why Live & Work in Main Brook

Without further ado, here are the top reasons you should consider working and living in the Town of Main Brook.

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  1. Close-knit community:  With less than 250 people and the nearest communities at least 35 minutes away by car, we rely on each other to be there when one another gets in a jam  Whether you need a cup of milk for a recipe, got your snowmobile stuck in a brook, some help with medical travel expenses, or your outboard motor stopped working out in the bay, you can find comfort knowing that your community members are looking out for you.
  2. Low-density living:  There are more moose than people.  If you are looking to escape the rat-race of city living you won’t get much more rural than Main Brook.  Feel like you’re the only person in the world with unbeatable tranquility only 5 minutes by quad or snomobile into the forest.
  3. Live self-sufficiently: Hunt, fish, and trap your own food.  Cut your own fire wood.  Salt and smoke your own meat and fish.  Learn to fix and repair things you didn’t think you could; one of your neighbours will be happy to show you how so you can do it yourself next time!
  4. Great climate: Main Brook is well-known in the region as the warmest town in the region in the summer and the most snow and best snowmobiling in the winter.  Despite what you might think, Main Brook summers are quite warm and very sunny.  As the impacts of climate change rear their head in the southern parts of the hemisphere, the climate here will become increasingly temperate.
  5. Zombie-proof: In the event of chaos in the rest of the world, Main Brook is ideally located on a geographically large, low-population island, in a rural area with direct access to oceans, rivers and ponds, with abundant access to food, clean water, and timber.  Last time we checked, zombies couldn’t swim and just about everyone on the Northern Peninsula owns one or more guns, just in case.
  6. Generous federal and provincial grants and financing: Our partners at the federal and provincial level have numerous grant and financing programs available to entrepreneurs.  We are eager for and supportive of nearly all economic development in the region and can help you find the right people to make your vision a reality.  Current priorities are in the areas of clean and green technologies, agriculture, aquaculture and farms.