Things to Do and See in Main Brook

Outdoor Activities


Fish the ocean, rivers and ponds around Main Brook for salmon, brown trout, char, smelt, cod, mackerel, scallops, mussels, squid and salmon depending on the time of year.  Salmon fishing is definitely a visitor favourite that you will not want to miss out on while you are here!


Hunting is a way of life in Main Brook and our residents are very keenly aware of the importance of conserving wildlife in our forests.  Many people in the region choose to source a significant part of their diet from hunting and fishing.  Rabbit, moose, bear, caribou, land and sea birds are some of the game animals that can be hunted in-season in Main Brook.  Check out outfitters in the area if you would like to arrange a hunt in the region.


Main Brook is the snowmobiling mecca of Newfoundland.  From Main Brook you can catch groomed and not-so-groomed trails to just about anywhere on the island.  Whether you are looking for a multi-day trip or just a quick flick around the pond, Main Brook has a route for you.  While not heavily advertised, most outfitters in the area offer snowmobile tours by request.

Camping & Cook-Ups

Get away from it all for an adventure into the woods.  We highly recommend hiring a guide unless you are an outdoors expert and familiar with the region.  Our forest and rivers provide all that you will need to get away from hustle and bustle of regular life and reconnect with nature.


Situated in Hare Bay, Main Brook offers direct access to many bays, inlets, coves or the open ocean if you so desire.  Visitors and residents can launch their boats at the old government wharf just passed the Town heading towards Roddickton.  There are no services at the wharf and it is use at your own risk.  There is no charge to launch or dock at the wharf.

Take a trip out to Spring Island or the Fischots or explore deep into the bay.  You will never run out of places to explore by boat.  Visitors are encouraged to use an experienced guide when boating in the bay.


While our swimming season may be short, Main Brook offers some of the most scenic beaches and swimming holes on the Northern Peninsula.  An experienced guide can show you some of the hidden gems that are in the area.  For those looking to stay closer to Town, both Main Brook Park and Tuckamore Lodge have places to swim, or just take a leap off the old government wharf or around town (at your own risk of course) to cool down.  We have many islands in our bay that are a short boat ride away and have beaches on them – have your own island for day with a short boat ride, your cooler, BBQ and beach gear.

Hiking & Wildlife

Main Brook is a nature lover’s dream.  Knowledgeable guides, accessible trails and our general isolation from dense populations means that land, air and water wildlife come out of hiding and make regular appearances around Main Brook.  Go for a walk or hike around the Town, on the logging roads or ATV and snowmobile paths, keep your eyes and ears open and you never know what you will find.  Hikers are advised to take proper precautions in case you encounter wildlife on your adventure and as always, a knowledgeable local guide is recommended.

Indoor Activities