Indoor Activities

Indoor Activities

Fitness and Exercise

Our town fitness centre is hosted at the Town Council building.  The fitness centre is administered and operated by the Recreation Committee.  There is a fee to use the equipment which can be paid for at the Town Council building during regular business hours Monday to Thursday.


The Town’s recreation committee holds public dances at the Community Centre just about every month.  They are open to visitors and residents alike; you won’t find a more welcoming group ready to have a time!

Be sure to check out our Events Calendar and bulletin boards around town to find out when they are holding the next dance.  Dances typically open at 9PM and music is either spun by our DJ or we host a live band or musician.  Bar service is available during dances and a small selection of snacks to keep you charged up for the night.


Darts Night is held just about every Thursday night at the Community Centre.  Admission is $5 with the winning team splitting the pot and darts are open to visitors and residents alike. The game is held tournament style with the number of players per team and games per night dependent on how many players there are.  The bar is open at Darts Night so stop by for a drink and socializing even if you aren’t playing darts.


Volleyball games are held on an ad hoc basis at the school gym.  Generally, games are announced on the Events in Main Brook Facebook page or in the Events Calendar on the website.  Games are held for fun and bragging rights only.