What’s Happening in Main Brook for March 2018

The Town Councillors have been working tirelessly to keep things up to date with other communities and government agencies. Councillors have attended conventions and workshops which have given them a better understanding of
how the town operates. They have participated in PMA, MNL conventions, attended a council orientation workshop, are members of the Northern Peninsula Joint Council Committee. This committee is made up of a group of Municipal leaders who come together to discuss and try to resolve common
issues/concerns facing all municipalities. As well, this coming April, they will be attending Municipalities Newfoundland Labrador Regional Meetings in Rocky Harbour.

It is with great pleasure to finally let you know that the New Generator for the Town has arrived! Work is currently being completed to hook up the generator. It has been a long time coming and a lot of barriers got in the way, but finally
councils efforts and determination have payed off!
The Town Council submitted applications to the Gas Tax Secretariat for pumphouse upgrades Costing $25,053.12 and Lift Station Upgrades costing $8124.45.