Economic Development

Amenities for Business

The Town of Main Brook is actively seeking new businesses within the Town and region.  Economic development is the key to both survival and success in outport communities like ours.

EDGE Approved Town 10+ Year Tax Holiday

The Town of Main Brook has been approved by the province as a participant in the “Economic Diversification and Growth Program” (EDGE).  The EDGE program offers a 10 year tax holiday to qualifying companies from provincial corporate income tax and payroll tax, followed by a five year phase-in of these taxes. A 10 year tax holiday from property taxes and/or business tax is also offered by municipalities declaring themselves as EDGE participants.

Easy Access to the Ocean

The Town’s not-for-profit research organization owns the formal Federal Government Wharf in Main Brook and has access to funds to encourage investment and enhance the wharf and surrounding lands.  We also have a boat launch available at no charge.

Deep Water Port

There is a former lumber shipping lane to our wharf.  There is deep water access for large ships directly to the Main Brook wharf.

Municipal Land for Development

Main Brook is one of the few Town’s in Newfoundland that owns and has full control over the land within its town boundaries.  This gives us flexibility in accommodating the needs of businesses and residents alike.

Proximity to Airport

Main Brook is only 30KM on Highway 432 from St. Anthony Airport (YAY) which connects to both St. John’s and Deer Lake International airports.

Low Business Taxes

Our Town’s large business tax rate is 12 mill and $120 per year for small businesses.  View our full tax structure here.

Local Fire Protection Services

Our community is protected by the volunteer Fire Department.  For its population, Main Brook is fortunate to have over 25 hydrants in Town and its own fire truck.  Our Fire Department and Town are willing and able to invest time for any specialized training required to support new businesses coming to the region or Town.

Business Opportunities

The Town is open to discussing any type of new business operating in and around Main Brook.  At this time we are particularly interested in businesses in:

  • Tradespeople
  • Manufacturers
  • Mining
  • Fisheries development and expansion
  • Oil & Gas services
  • Sustainable Forestries
  • Green and alternative energy installation and sales
  • Cannabis
  • Ocean and Aeronautic Technologies
  • Remote Workers (in any industry)

If you, your business or your employer are thinking of locating in or near Main Brook, please contact the Town Council to meet and discuss how we can help and make sure to see why businesses and their employees should seriously consider working and living in Main Brook.