Tax Structure for 2020

The Town Council of Main Brook has designated as Property Owner for the imposition and collection of taxes, the name of the tax payer which appears in the Assessment Roll. 

2020 Tax Structure PDF

In a regular meeting of the Town Council of Main Brook on January 17, 2020, the following tax rates were adopted for the calendar year of 2020.  

2020 Tax Structure 

Property Tax – $325 base amount or 5.5 Mill Rate   

Commercial Property Tax – $350 Base amount or 5.5 Mill Rate 

(A $25 Rebate will be applied on Property Tax only if paid by April 30th 2020) 

Poll Tax – $250 

(A $25 Rebate will be applied on Poll Tax if paid by April 30th 2020) 

Water and Sewage Tax $390 

Commercial Water and Sewage Tax = $490 

Water Tax – $265 

Commercial Water Tax – $390 

Fish plant Water Tax$2750              Park Water Tax – $960 

School Water & Sewer Tax – $960Canada Post Water & Sewer Tax– $420 

(A $25 Rebate will be applied on Water & Sewer/Water for Vacant Land not occupied by a building if paid by April 30th 2020) 

Business Tax 12 Mill Rate 

Small Base Business Tax $240 Annual Fee 

Utility – 2.5% 

Norpen Garbage Fee $115.50 Annual Fee 

Waterline hook up fee for new service – $500(min) 

Tax Certificates: 

(Commercial – $50) (Residential – $50) 


New Building – $25 

Land Development – $15 

Com. Repairs/Renos – $25 

Residential Repairs/Renos -$25 

(Any and all exterior repairs/renovations will need to get a permit, includes siding, windows, etc.) 

Vending Permits: Stands or Business establishments in Town: $50/Day         

Seasonal – $200.00

Photocopies – $0.25/copy 

Annually – $400.00

Faxes – $1.00 

NSC – $25.00 

Municipal Building Rental 

Non-resident – $25/hour 


Please Note: Increases to Water & Sewer taxes were necessary to keep up with the rising costs associated with the operation of our Town’s budget and allowing for better services to our residents. 

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