Land Sales

Pricing for New and Existing Town Land



Please be advised that there’s been some changes made in regards to our pricing for Town land sales. These changes are being made to keep up with the Fair market land values, and to increase revenue for our Town to provide better services.

“Land with building structures”

Any land owned by the Town, occupied by a building, can be purchased for $0.05/sq ft until August 31, 2019.

However, on September 01, 2019, all land sales owned by the Town that occupies a building, will increase from $0.05/sq ft to $0.665/sq ft.

“Vacant Land and New Building Lots”

Starting bids for Town Land with no building will increase and take effect as of April 17, 2019.

*Starting bid for serviced lots is $12,500 (standard lot size of 100ft x 150ft)

*Starting Bid for Non-serviced lots is $10,000 (Standard lot size of 100ft x 150ft)

If extra footage is requested, price will be $0.665/sq ft extra charge over standard lot size.

If you would like to put in a bid for land from the Town, you can do so by calling the town office @ 865-6561.

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