New Staff to Serve you Better

Please join me in welcoming Peter Stevens, and Anne Pilgrim to our Town Staff! Peter is our Maintenance Person and has been working with the town since November. He oversees all water maintenance, chlorine checks, and other related town duties. Peter has been very busy since he has started work with the Town; he has done some training with the College of the North
Atlantic as well as trained in dealing with Chlorine and water issues. In March Peter will be attending a Clean and Safe drinking water workshop. He is already settled into his position and is doing a great job so far! Also, In
February 2018 we hired a Casual Town Clerk. Anne Pilgrim has been hired to assist the Town Clerk with everyday office duties. Anne has been very busy with training and is learning very quickly, and is proving to be a great fit for this position. Both positions are being funded through the wage subsidy program.

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